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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "T", Page 8

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T: Page 8 of 9.

time of delivery
time of flight
time of origin
time of receipt
time on target
time over target ...
time over target ...time slot
time to target
time-definite del...time-phased force...time-phased force...
time-phased force...time-phased force...time-sensitive ta...
title block
tolerance dose
tone down
top secret
topographic base
topographic map
torpedo defense net
toss bombing
total active active dosage attack
total materiel materiel mobilization
total overall pressure
touchdown zone
toxic chemical
toxic chemical, b...toxic industrial ...
toxic industrial ...toxic industrial ...toxic industrial ...
toxin agent
track correlation
track management
track of interest
track production ...
track symbology
track telling
traffic circulati...
traffic control p...traffic density
traffic flow
traffic flow secu...traffic informati...traffic management
traffic pattern
train headway
train path
trained strength aids
training and and period
training pipeline
training unit
training-pay cate...
transattack period
transfer loader
transient forces
transit area
transit bearing
transit passage
transit route
transit zone
transition altitude
transition layer
transition level
transmission fact...
transmission secu...transonic
transport aircraft
transport area
transport control...
transport group
transportation cl...
transportation co...transportation em...transportation fe...
transportation mo...transportation op...transportation pr...

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