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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "M", Page 11

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Modernized Integr...Mold
Monte Carlo
Multi-layer const...Muzzle Velocity
mach number
magnetic bearing
magnetic circuit
magnetic compass
magnetic declinat...
magnetic equator
magnetic mine
magnetic minehunt...
magnetic north
magnetic tape
magnetic variation
mail embargo
main airfield
main armament
main attack
main battle area
main convoy
main deck
main detonating l...main line of resi...
main operating base
main operations b...main supply route
maintenance (mate...maintenance area
maintenance engin...
maintenance status
major combat elem...major disaster
major fleet
major force
major nuclear power
major operation
major weapon system
make safe
man portable
man space
man transportable
management and co...maneuverable reen...manifest
manipulative elec...manpower management
manpower manageme...
manpower requirem...manpower resources
map chart
map convergence
map exercise
map index
map reference
map reference code
map series
map sheet
mapping camera
marginal data
marginal informat...marginal weather
marine environment
maritime control ...maritime defense ...
maritime domain
maritime domain a...maritime forces
maritime intercep...maritime power pr...maritime pre-posi...
maritime pre-posi...maritime search a...maritime special ...
maritime superior...maritime supremacy
marker ship
marking error
marking fire
marking panel
married failure
marshalling area
mass casualty
massed fire
master air attack...master film
master plot
materials handling
materials handlin...
materiel cognizance
materiel control
materiel inventor...

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