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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "F", Page 7

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F: Page 7 of 8.

fire support support team
firing area
firing chart
firing circuit
firing mechanism
firing point
firing system
first light
first responder c...first responders
first strike
fission products
fission to yield ...fitted mine
fixed ammunition
fixed capital pro...
fixed medical tre...fixed port
fixed price incen...
fixed price type ...fixed station pat...fixer system
flag days (red or...flag officer
flame field exped...
flame thrower
flammable cargo
flank guard
flanking attack
flare dud
flash blindness
flash burn
flash message
flash ranging
flash report
flash suppressor
flash-to-bang time
flatted cargo
fleet ballistic m...fleet in being
flexible deterren...
flexible response
flight advisory
flight deck
flight following
flight informatio...flight informatio...
flight informatio...flight levels
flight path
flight plan
flight plan corre...flight profile
flight quarters
flight readiness ...flight surgeon
flight test
flight visibility
flo flo
floating base sup...floating craft co...floating dump
floating mine
floating reserve
fly-in echelon
foam path
follow-up echelon
follow-up shipping
follow-up supplies
force activity de...
force beddown
force closure
force enablement
force extension
force health prot...force list
force module
force module pack...force multiplier
force planning
force projection
force protection
force protection ...force protection ...force rendezvous
force requirement...force sequencing
force shortfall

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