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S-bend distortion
S-curve distortion
sabotage alert team
safe anchorage
safe area
safe burst height
safe current
safe depth
safe distance
safe haven
safe house
safe separation and arming...
safety device
safety distance
safety fuze
safety height
safety lane
safety level of s...
safety line
safety wire
safety zone
safing and arming...salted weapon
salvage group
salvage operation
sanction enforcem...sanctuary
satellite and mis...scale (photograph...
scaling law
scan line
scan period
scan rate
scan type
scatterable mine
scene of action c...schedule of fire
schedule of targets
scheduled arrival...scheduled fire
scheduled mainten...scheduled service...scheduled speed
scheduled target
scheduled target ...scheduled wave
scheduling and mo...scheduling and mo...scheme of maneuver
scientific and te...scientific intell...screening group
sea areas
sea barge
sea control opera...sea echelon
sea echelon area
sea echelon plan
sea frontier
sea state
sea surveillance
sea surveillance ...sea-air-land team
seaborne forces
sealed cabin
sealift enhanceme...Sealift Readiness...seaport
search and rescue
search and and rescue...
search and attack unit
search jammer
search mission
search radius
search sweeping
searched channel
searching fire

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