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land control forces
land mine warfare
land search
landing aid
landing approach
landing area
landing attack
landing beach
landing craft
landing craft and...
landing craft ava...landing diagram
landing force
landing force sup...landing force sup...landing group
landing group com...landing mat
landing plan
landing point
landing roll
landing schedule
landing sequence ...landing ship
landing ship dock
landing signal of...landing site
landing threshold
landing zone
landing zone cont...landing zone cont...
lane marker
lap course
lap track
lap turn
lap width
large spread
large-lot storage
large-scale map
laser footprint
laser guidance unit
laser guided weapon
laser illuminator
laser intelligence
laser linescan sy...laser pulse durat...
laser rangefinder
laser seeker
laser spot
laser spot tracker
laser target desi...laser target desi...
laser target marker
laser target mark...laser-target line
laser-target gun-...lashing
lashing point
late time
lateral gain
lateral route
lateral spread
lateral tell
latest arrival date
latitude band
launch pad
launch time
launch under attack
launch window
law enforcement a...
law of armed of war
lay leader
lay reference num...laydown bombing
layer depth
lead agency
lead agent
lead aircraft
lead federal agency
lead mobility wing
lead nation
lead Service or a...leapfrog

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