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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "F", Page 1

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facility substitu...
fallout contours
fallout pattern
fallout prediction
fallout safe heig...fallout wind vect...
false origin
fan camera cameras
fan marker beacon
farm gate type op...feasibility
feasibility asses...feasibility test
federal coordinat...
federal modal age...federal service
federal supply cl...
federal transport...feint
field army
field artillery
field artillery o...field exercise
field fortificati...
field headquarters
field of fire
field of view
field of vision
field press censo...field training ex...
fighter cover
fighter engagemen...fighter escort
fighter sweep
fighting load
filler personnel
film badge
final approach
final bearing
final destination
final disposal pr...
final governing plan
final protective ...
finance operations
financial propert...
fire barrage ( control
fire control radar
fire control system
fire coordination
fire direction for effect
fire message
fire mission
fire plan
fire storm
fire support
fire support area
fire support coor...
fire support support support coor...
fire support support group
fire support offi...
fire support support team
firing area
firing chart
firing circuit
firing mechanism
firing point
firing system
first light
first responder c...first responders
first strike
fission products
fission to yield ...fitted mine

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