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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "D", Page 10

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delaying operation
delegation of aut...deliberate attack
deliberate breach...deliberate crossing
deliberate defense
delivering ship
delivery error
delivery forecasts
delivery requirem...demilitarized zone
demolition belt
demolition chamber
demolition firing...
demolition guard
demolition kit
demolition target
demolition tool kit
denial measure
denied area
density altitude
departmental inte...departure airfield
departure area
departure end
departure point
dependents immedi...deployable joint ...deployed nuclear ...
deployment database
deployment diagram
deployment health...deployment order
deployment planning
depot maintenance
depth contour
depth curve
descriptive name
design basis threat
designated planni...desired appreciat...desired effects
desired ground zero
desired mean poin...desired perception
desired point of ...destroyed
destruction fire
destruction fire ...destruction radius
detailed photogra...detained
detainee collecti...detainee processi...detecting circuit
deterioration limit
deterrent options
detonating cord
developmental ass...
diaphragm stop
died of wounds re...differential ball...diffraction loading
dip needle circuit
diplomatic and or...
diplomatic action
direct action fuze
direct air air exchange
direct fire
direct illumination
direct laying
direct liaison support
direct support ar...
direct vendor del...directed energy
directed-energy d...directed-energy p...directed-energy w...
directed-energy w...directing staff
direction finding
direction of attack
directional gyro ...directive

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