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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "B", Page 5

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base defense forces
base defense oper...base defense zone
base development ...base development ...base element
base line
base map
base of operations
base period
base plan
base section
base support inst...base surge
base unit
baseline costs
basic cover
basic encyclopedia
basic intelligence
basic load
basic military ro...
basic research
basic stocks
basic stopping po...
basic tactical or...basic undertakings
basis of issue
bathymetric contour
battalion landing...battery
battery (troop) l...battery center
battle damage ass...
battle damage rep...battle force
battle injury
battle management
battle reserves
battle rhythm
battlefield coord...battlefield illum...battlefield surve...
battlespace aware...beach
beach capacity
beach group
beach landing site
beach marker
beach minefield
beach organization
beach party
beach party comma...beach photography
beach reserves
beach support area
beach survey
beach width
beachmaster unit
beam rider
beam width
beaten zone
begin morning civ...
begin morning nau...beleaguered
berm, natural
bilateral infrast...bill
bin storage
binary chemical m...binding
biographical inte...biological agent
biological ammuni...
biological defense
biological enviro...biological half-t...
biological operat...biological threat
biological warfare
biological weapon
black list
black propaganda
blast effect
blast line
blast wave
blast wave diffra...bleeding edge
blind transmissio...

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