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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "A", Page 18

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area oriented
area radar predic...area search
area target
arm or de-arm
armament delivery...
armed forces
armed forces cens...armed forces cour...
armed forces cour...armed helicopter
armed mine
armed reconnaissa...armed sweep
arming delay device
arming lanyard
arming pin
arming system
arming wire
armistice demarca...armored personnel...arms control agre...
arms control agre...arms control meas...arresting barrier
arresting gear
arrival zone
artificial horizon
artillery fire pl...artillery survey ...assault aircraft
assault area
assault area diag...assault craft
assault craft unit
assault echelon
assault fire
assault follow-on...assault phase
assault schedule
assault shipping
assault wave
assembly anchorage
assembly area
assessment agent
asset (intelligen...asset visibility
assumed azimuth
assumed grid
astern fueling
asymmetrical sweep
at my command
at priority call
at sea
atmospheric envir...
atomic air burst
atomic defense
atomic demolition...
atomic undergroun...atomic underwater...atomic warfare
atomic weapon
attack assessment
attack cargo ship
attack group
attack heading
attack helicopter
attack origin
attack pattern
attack position
attack timing
attenuation factor
attitude indicator
attrition minefield
attrition rate
attrition reserve...attrition sweeping
augmentation forces
authorized depart...autocode format
automated data ha...
automated identif...automatic approac...automatic data ha...
automatic data pr...automatic flight ...automatic message...

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