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Hardly any other domain is more occupied by technical terms, specialized terminology, internal jargon, acronyms and abbreviations than the military. Military terminology is rooted in the need of military organizations to have a uniform understanding. A need that is evident in any joint operation, where compatibility of communications systems and operating procedures have to be beyond all dispute. has arranged for you a lookup on military terms offering you clear definitions by some of the most reliable reference works in this field. Whether you belong to a military organization or are just plainly interested in this fascinating terminology, furnishes you with a user-friendly tool to investigate the language of military.

If you passed by looking for technical terms related to military and NATO you may visit this set of military dictionaries.

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More than ever Military has become an international field. Whether you need language dictionaries translating technical terms or want to communicate with military members from abroad, our free Online Translation is just a click away. Get free online translations from and to 75 language, including full text translation. This service is divided into language pages such as German Translator, where you may look up single words or phrases.

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antenna mine

(*) In naval mine warfare, a contact mine fitted with antennae which, when touched by a steel ship, sets up galvanic action to fire the mine. See also mine.
Source: U.S. Department of Defense, Joint Doctrine Division. ( About )

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